Boost Your Holiday Marketing With These 7 Content Ideas

It’s official. The holidays are here. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and the month ahead will be just as important as these key shopping milestones. This is the time to bring people to your site and engage with your audience. Whether you are hoping to drive traffic to your e-commerce store or trying to develop your brand presence, quality content; both visual and written will be key.

Content can live on multiple platforms such as a blog, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram account and should be varied so you give your audience a new experience. Developing a range of content is important to show the lifestyle of your brand and can include everything from information about your products, holiday trends, style tips and and without a doubt, your point-of-view.
Here are 7 content ideas to boost your marketing this holiday season:
1. Talk About a Holiday Trend
Sevda Mutlu, a London-based handbag designer wrote about a color trend in her blog post titled “10 Steps to a Red-Miraculous Xmas Holiday.” She included one of her handbags in two colorways and 9 other vibrant red, and highly coveted  items to get you into the holiday spirit.
2. Create A Gift Guide  
Everyone is looking for gift ideas and a guide is one way to show your audience a curated list of what you believe are fun items for the holiday. Try choosing a topic to provide focus like like “gifts for the city girl” or “for the naughty or nice woman in your life.” These titles fit with the holiday season and can also include a wide range of items that should include at least one of your products. One way to do this is to create a Pinterest board and continue to add to it throughout the season.
3. Discuss Party Attire
Tis the season for holiday parties; work, cocktail, family and of course, those ugly sweater ones. Pulling together items that sparkle, statement accessories or even pieces with popular holiday fabrics such as velvet or lace are ways to provide readers with wardrobe ideas. The Demoiselle, a modern damsel with a classic sense of style talks about holiday party attire in her latest post and gives inspiration on what to wear for the season.
4. Put Together A Holiday Playlist
There’s no better way to get into the spirit than with a few great holiday tunes. Creating a playlist for your audience that includes either classic or modern versions will be feel good music to your listeners ears and also give you a chance to show off your personality. Mashable details how to create a Spotify playlist for the holidays. 
5. Show Your Behind Scenes Photos
Baking, shopping, or shipping orders? This is all great behind the scenes content that readers want to know about because it allows your audience to come into your world and can help create a stronger, more personable connection. Plus, people love to take and view photos. Instagram reported that on Thanksgiving day, more than 200 photos were every second to document the holiday.
6. Tell Your Audience What You Are Thankful For This Year 
This is the time to reflect on who or what is important to you. On her Minkette blog, Rebecca Minkoff had her team share what they were thankful for in 2012. Sharing what’s important to you is an excellent way to let your readers know more about you and the people that impact your world.
7. Let Theme See A Throwback photo
Everyone loves a good throwback photo. Whether that’s you sitting on Santa’s lap, an awkward child shot, or you simply showing off your fashion prowess at young age, letting others reminisce with you can be fun.
Just as important as creating content, you’ll also want to start a conversation with your audience to keep the momentum going. Ask questions, have them send in photos or even think about ways to create a holiday tradition in order to take them on your brand journey thought the year and each season.
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  • Shana Luther

    These are all great suggestions, Melissa! I have a tumblr and a regular blog attached to my site and sometimes have a hard time thinking of interesting content. I started putting together posts that are “what to wear with” my bags, but I can’t do that everyday- it’s a time killer. These are all good ideas so thanks!

  • melissahall

    Hi Shana. Thanks so much for the nice words and glad the post got you thinking about what to write. Be sure to share your holiday content with us too!