What We Do

We offer one-time, retainer and project-based consulting services to help companies grow their business and accomplish their goals. With experience in various segments of the fashion industry: trade and retail sales, branding, social media, marketing and event management, styling and designer curation, we take a strategic approach to building your brand.

We’ve coached and worked with hundreds of fashion brands across the United States and globally along with companies looking to connect with the industry. Some of our areas of expertise includes:

Our Expertise 

  • Starting a fashion business 
  • Branding, marketing and brand assessment 
  • Social media strategy 
  • Art direction and content production (lookbooks, photo shoots, digital content)
  • Copywriting 
  • Market research and industry immersion
  • Designer curation and introductions 
  • Developing and executing educational workshops and curriculums
  • Retail and NYC trends 

Who We Work With 

  • Emerging designers
  • Companies and retailers 
  • Hotels
  • Educational institutions, incubators and global government organization

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