1-Hour Consulting Session

What is it? 

Our 1-hour consulting call is an investment in your future. This power hour session allows you to ask questions about your most pressing topics and get guidance along the way. 

Who is it Good For?

The power hour is great for those who have questions about starting a fashion business or specific questions about their brand. Our outside perspective and knowledge of the industry will guide you in the right direction.

We work with designers in and outside of the United States. We”ll just jump on a WhatsApp or Skype call! 

We also consult fashion brands, corporate companies, retailers and those looking to gain a better understanding of the fashion industry. 

Top Reasons Why People Book

  • You’re starting a fashion business and don’t know where to start
  • Your brand needs a fresh perspective and evaluation of your branding and marketing 
  • You need help with brand strategy, marketing and social media
  • Are interested in the 101s of getting started 
  • Feeling stuck, need direction and have a lot of how do I questions 
  • Need an expert assessment of where you are with the business 

Topics We Cover* 

  • Brand strategy and marketing
  • Social media
  • Sales and PR 101
  • Lookbooks and linesheets
  • The basics of starting a business

*Please note that we do not cover design, production, finance or operations. We have general knowledge of these topics, but may be able to guide you in the right direction or connect you with a trusted resource. 

Why Entrepreneurs Work with Us

  • We have a strong knowledge of the fashion industry and emerging designer space
  • We are creatives with a business mind and appreciate good design  

You Will Receive 

  • 1-hour consulting session with our founder Melissa Hall
  • Knowledge, assessment (if applicable) and a post-call one-sheet with a recap, general next steps, considerations and resources

Our Process

  1. Click the button below to book a time slot and fill out our quick questionnaire 
  2. Prepare a list of questions (some people have 15-20) to serve as our agenda for our call. You can also send us any materials that you would like us to review (e.g. lookbook, marketing materials, etc…)


$250 USD 

Book A Session

Interested in something long term, more detailed or a group opportunity? Please see our full consulting page.