Emerging Designer of the Week: Philomena Kwok

Philomena Kwok Headpiece

Philomena Kwok Headpiece

With every Philomena Kwok headpiece, you’ll find that her inspiration is drawn from a body of encounters. A style muse, a new texture or an inviting color may do the trick. She, of course, has the right client to match. Whether it’s for special occasions or bespoke services that help create the perfect ensemble, her work takes an expression to the next level; something she believes to be a standout of her brand. She told us, “our lives are punctuated by milestones and memorable moments and I think hats play a very important part in all of them.”

Our lives are punctuated by milestones and memorable moments and I think hats play a very important part in all of them.

For her limoncello headpiece, a lusciously bright beret-style silhouette, she was obsessed by a color combo worn by a blogger and created the hat to match. Now, it lives as an accessory for any occasion: a springtime garden wedding, a day at the races or those street style moments where a punch of surprise and delight makes the photo perfection.

Handmade in her studio, she blocks and shapes the piece using layers of yellow sinamay, which can last several days due to its drying time. Then, it’s wired for structure, covered with lace and steamed while the ostrich quills are shaped into place. The final touch is a pale silk lining and an elastic matched to the client’s hair color and finished with her signature leather tags to make sure that her woman is always reminded of the brand that is creatively clever and rooted in craftsmanship.

Learn more about this Australian-based emerging designer at Philomena Kwok.

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  • Taryn

    Philomena’s designs are amazingly beautiful and unique. I love all of her pieces!

    • melissahall

      Hi Taryn,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, Philomena’s work is gorgeous. From everyday pieces to ones for editorials, she always presents strong design.

  • June

    I am completely in LOVE with this hat! Wow, what a stunning pop of color…love the pretty white floral pattern made edgy w/ that expressive curve. So cool!

  • melissahall

    Hi June, Thanks for your comment. We agree. Philomena is so talented. She’s coming to NYC this fashion week too. Perhaps we should tell her to bring some hats to sell!