Emerging Designer Spotlight: Fruity Hoops

Fruity Loops
Credit: Fruity Hoops x Rocket Dog, Leslie Kirchhoff

In need of some ear candy that will undoubtedly spark some serious fun?  Hayley Daniel wants to make sure you get just that with her line of earrings called Fruity Hoops.

Made with fuse beads (most likely your childhood playtime favorite) her styles are made up of colorful fruit pairings like banana and lime, watermelon and pineapple and other fresh combos. There’s also her word story that spell out pop culture phrases like ‘SICK’, ‘AS IF’ and ‘SLAY.’ 

It all started when she was on a call with her parents that live in Australia and she began playing with old fuse beads she had on her desk. By the end of her conversation, she made a pineapple and watermelon and added on earring hooks. Soon after, she took the earrings out for a spin one night and the response was huge. Her friends encouraged her to make more and that’s how the brand was born.

Fruity Hoops is well humored earring brand that was born for no other reason than fun, because we should all have more of it. When life get’s too serious, dangle a pair of Fruity Hoops on your lobes and watch as all your troubles turn into bananas.

After working in the fashion industry for the past 10 years in everything from handbag, apparel and accessories design, Daniel felt the need for more fun after the rigor and unhealthy work scenarios that often plague the industry. She encountered too many late work nights, developed a bad chain smoking habit that turned into acute bronchitis and finally realized she needed a more of her outside life of fun, humor and sparkle fused into her work.

Fruity Hoops is just a reminder that sometimes we just need to smile more, text less, and stay fruity.

As for designer recommendations, on Wednesday, she wears ‘HUMP’, the 1st and 15th, her pay day, she throws on ‘Cash Money Hoes’ and every other day is an assortment of fruit. The best seller so far has been the ‘Wild Paloma’ strawberry and grapefruit pair. 

She’s addings styles regularly and does custom pairs for events, shoots and collaborations. 

Fruity Hoops
Fruity Hoops x Rocket Dog, Leslie Kirchhoff
Fruity Hoops
Fruity Hoops x Rocket Dog, Leslie Kirchhoff
   Fruity Hoops
Fruity Hoops
 Fruity Hoops  Fruity Hoops
Learn more at Fruity Hoops.
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