Emerging Designer Spotlight: Olivia Wendel

Oliva Wendel

Olivia Wendel’s artistic background makes her namesake scarf label a wearable canvas that tells an intriguing story.  She was no doubt influenced by her childhood upbringing. Growing up in a historic and haunted house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and having folk art and antique collectors as parents that moved her to Miami gave her contrasting perspectives.

She also studied painting at the School of the Art institute of Chicago and then received a MFA in Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design.

Olivia saw the opportunity for hand-designed prints in the fashion industry. Now, all of the art for her scarves are hand painted in her Brooklyn studio. She tells us “In an industry dominated by digital design, I wanted to offer something that shows the human hand in all its uniqueness.”

In an industry dominated by digital design, I wanted to offer something that shows the human hand in all its uniqueness.

Her new line is a sophisticated approach to organic subject matter which tells she says is “a miniature/gigantic story and an exploration of duality and contrast. Intricate patterns are juxtaposed with bold abstract marks, wilderness with the formality of the stage, density with open space.”

You’ll see that the line is fit for a New Yorker. Bold and intricate designs with black and white works with the city’s uniform. Her six designs, either made of silk or wool focus on night and day, wood and water along with memories and reality. Designs can be worn both traditionally, in the hair or draped around the body. Or, perhaps even a wall hanging.


Oliva Wendel


Oliva Wendel






Oliva Wendel

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