Fabiola Pedrazzini: It’s All in the Piping

Milan-based Fabiola Pedrazzini was the winner in the The Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design at The Fifth Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards hosted by InStyle and Handbag Designer 101 on June 15, 2011.

Fabiola Pedrazzini has quickly become an emerging designer to watch in the United States and internationally. The Milan-based designer won the award for The Best Handbag In Overall Style and Design category at The Fifth Annual  Independent Handbag Designer Awards hosted by InStyle and Handbag Designer 101 at the Time & Life Building.

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As Event Director of the Handbag Awards, the first step in the process is for every finalist to send me their bag. I was anxious to receive Fabiola’s bag because I wanted to see how it translated from a photo to in person. I knew it was a quality piece when I opened the package and smelled good leather. Her bag had a strong silhouette, a unique, comfortable handle and was gathered at the base of the bag. The element that struck me the most was the blue piping.  It was a treatment that I had not seen and truly helped the bag stand out. Plus, in a very saturated, competitive market, it was refreshing to see something new. This distinct visual point-of-difference is important for a designer to leverage and be able to communicate to others as it helps separate one from the masses while building their brand.

Losna Satchel
Losna Satchel
Losna Satchel
Nortia Satchel

I look forward to seeing what’s next for Fabiola as her prizes for an emerging designer are one-of-a-kind. She won a booth at WWDMAGIC the trade show in Las Vegas this August, a collaboration with designer Carlos Falchi, a feature in the September Issue of InStyle and an order at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Check out the entire collection at Fabiola Pedrazzini and follower her on Twitter @Fabizzini

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