Free Dance & Fashion Symposium at FIT

Dance & Fashion at the Museum at FIT
via the Museum at FIT

Dance & Fashion, the Museum at FIT’s free symposium on October 23rd and 24th will explore the relationship and synergy between the two expressive forms of media. Twenty speakers will discuses a variety of topics such as African American dance, modern dance along with the history of tutus and ballet shoes.

Symposium Schedule
Thursday, October 23
9-10 am: Check-in and registration
10 am-1 pm
Dr. Joyce F. Brown, president of FIT, welcoming remarks
Dr. Valerie Steele, “Dance & Fashion”
Wendy Whelan and Narciso Rodriguez, in conversation
Marc Happel, “Fashion at the New York City Ballet”
1-2pm: lunch break

Lynn Garafola, “Beauty and the Ballerina”
Dr. Adelheid Rasche, “On Dance Fashion and Fashionable Dances: Remarks on the Berlin Dance Scene During the Weimar Republic”
Patricia Mears, “From Sylph to Swan: The Tutu and Fashion”
Janet Eilber and Melissa Marra, in conversation: “Martha Graham and Modern Dance”
Friday, October 24
9-10 am: Check-in and registration
10 am-1 pm
Colleen Hill, “Ballet Shoes: Function, Fashion, and Fetish”
Anne Winestein, “Russia’s Icons of Dance”
Katerina Pantelides, “Dancing in the City: Balletic Body Image in 1940s New York”
Dr. Masafumi Monden, “In Praise of Sheer Perfection: Ballet, Clothing, and Japanese Culture”
1-2pm: lunch break
Ann Ray, “Metamorphosis: From the Dressing Room to the Stage”
Emma McClendon and Banu Ogan, in conversation, “Merce Cunningham and Rei Kawakubo’s Scenario”
Elizabeth Way and LeeAnét Noble, in conversation, “African-American Dance and Fashion in the 20th Century”
Dr. Mary E. Davis, “Tangomania 1913”
Valeria Solomonoff, tango performance
Dance & Fashion
Seventh Avenue at 27 Street
New York City 10001-5992
Morris W. and Fannie B. Haft Auditorium
Marvin Feldman Center, Second Floor
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