Emerging Designer Spotlight: Julia Miltenberger

Neopearls collection by Julia Miltenberger

German-based designer Julia Miltenberger takes a twist on the traditional with her conceptual jewelry line that she started back in 2009. Her latest pieces take inspiration from surf culture and are made from neoprene, the flexible, durable material used to create wetsuits. The Soft Diamonds and Neopearls collections, which will surely make you do a double take, consist of uber cool over-sized necklaces, bracelets and earrings in bold colors, cut with sharp, geometric lines. We also fancy her Ring Its that come in fun shapes like hearts, circles and arrows that wrap around to the other finger, and may be just be the answer to a fresh take on the bauble. To top it off, Julia pays homage to Hawaii in her Sea Fan Jewels collection with soft and summery printed neoprene necklaces.

Check out the entire collection at Julia Miltenberger

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