The Emerging Designer Week In Review: 8 brands nailing Pinterest, NYC Fashion Production Fund, Fashion to the People and Brooklyn Industries Design Contest

Kate Spade New York's Pinterest
Kate Spade New York's Pinterest


1. What do Kate Spade New York and Oscar PR Girl do right? Well, they’re just two of  8 brands that are nailing Pinterest. But isn’t that to be expected from these social media mavens? (via Adotas)

2. Check out Trendabl, an Instagram-like app for fashion that allows you to create filters and tag stores, colors and designers. Best of all, you can see what’s popular and research what’s going on in the marketplace. (via Business Insider)

3. Great news for New York designers! NYCEDC is launching the NYC Fashion Production Fund to help support emerging talent by providing them with capital to help fulfill purchase orders. (via NYCEDC)

4.  We all know that fashion has become democratic. Read how Lucky Editor John Jannuzzi breaks it down and get inspired on how you can become part of this opportunity in fashion. (via Lucky)

5. Got Brooklyn love? Enter the Brooklyn Industries BKI t-shirt design contest for a chance to get your shirt produced and other great prizes.

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