Week in Review: Facebook Contest Prep, Why Men are Buying Online, Understanding Yohji Yamamoto and Crocodile Farming

Yohji Yamamoto
via the Wall Street Journal
Yohji Yamamoto
via the Wall Street Journal

1. For decades, Yohji Yamamoto has been known for his revolutionary designs. Read these 20 interesting facts to learn more about the designer. (via the Wall Street Journal)

2. Thinking about running a Facebook contest? If so, answer these questions before you get started. (via PR Daily)

3. The menswear industry is booming. Here are few reasons why these savvy shoppers are choosing to make purchases online. (via Forbes)

4. Read that stats about the crocodile business and what happens from farm to store when producing an exotic skin handbag. (via Business Week)

5. If Facebook is a valuable platform for your business, take a look at these 14 tips that will help you optimize your time on the social network. (via Mashable)

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