2018 Pinterest Tips We Learned at the Chloedigital Conference

Did you know that the average life of a Pinterest Pin is 100 days after a post? Unlike many other social sites where content is fleeting or gets limited views, ,their content has staying power and can easily be amplified by others or through advertising. This is just one of the benefits of using Pinterest which has become one of the best visual search engines to use for consumers and businesses. 
Driving awareness, increasing traffic to your online store or getting signups and purchases are just some of the other advantages. As with any platform, it's important to immerse yourself into their business solutions so you can reap the benefits.   At the chloedigital conference in New York, we learned about some of the features that were rolled out in 2018 and advice on how to strengthen a business account. Here's what the Pinterest team had to say: 
Take Advantage of Their New Profile Features 
With their latest update, you can now have access to a dynamic business cover page. Pinterest will create a default collage which is a mashup of your Pins or you can select a board or Pins to highlight.
Your new profile shows your follower count and monthly views which tells how expansive your reach is. They also launched the follow tab feature which allows your followers see your latest Pins in the order you saved them. 
Build Engagement with Consistency 
If you want more engagement, you should try to create Pins daily and if that’s not possible, weekly is best. People who Pin daily see a 500% increase in monthly views over those who Pin once a both. You can do this easily with Tailwind scheduler, a Pinterest partner which has a browser extension that makes managing the process efficient. 
Optimize Your Images 
Just like your website and any other search engine optimization strategy, brands should provide detailed descriptions and relevant titles and hashtags for their photos and descriptions. To do this, think about how you would search for something and add those key words to set your content up for discovery. Overall, it's about being coherent, grammatically correct and specific.  
Visually Discover with Pinterest Lens 
Pinterest Lens allows users to search for items offline through the app's camera and is over a year old. The feature is pretty amazing and even quite addictive. To get started, open up the Pinterest camera and take a photo of a product, material or really any image and Pinterest will provide similar images. 

Learn more about Pinterest for business and how to optimize the platform. 

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