2018 Year in Review: Our Most Popular Articles

Courtesy photo: Nileta

Courtesy photo: Nileta

As 2018 comes to an end, we rounded up some of our most popular articles.

This year we saw that designers are becoming even more thoughtful with their collections and that there are plenty of resources to help you save time and make life easier on social media. Whether in-person or digital, production resources are championing emerging designers too.

This year, we launched our 2018 retail guide which lists over 250 stores across the United States and wrote one of our most important articles to-date: The 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Move Forward With any Business Decision after talking with our community about their challenges and choices whether it’s participate in fashion week (don’t), invest in a pop-up or hire a showroom or PR agency.

Here’s our roundup:


  1. Nileta is Giving Sleepwear a Much-Needed Upgrade

  2. Vingt Quatre Offers Elevated, Seasonless Pieces For Your Dynamic Lifestyle

  3. Carmen Rincon Launches a Fresh, Effortless Collection Inspired by Madrid, New York and the Caribbean

  4. Sapia Simones Resort Label Reflects Elements of the Earth

  5. Artega is championing beautiful and unique indigenous textiles and techniques

Social Media & Marketing

  1. Why Every Brand Should Use Marketing Automation

  2. Pinterest Tips We Learned at the Chloe Digital Conference

  3. Use Unfold to Create Beautiful Modern Instagram Graphics

  4. The Three Tap Instagram Tip You Should Know

  5. Try These New Instasize Features for Your Videos and Graphics

Productivity & Entrepreneurship

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Before You Move Forward with Any Business Decision

  2. 3 Three Types of Time You Need in Your Business

  3. Podcasts to Listen to For Entrepreneurial Inspiration

  4. Should I Send this Email? The Weekend Email Conundrum

  5. How to Ace an Open Call


  1. Try Swatch On, The Free Fabric Sourcing Resource

  2. City Source Tradeshow at FIT

  3. Helpsy Wants to Let People Know Clothes Aren’t Trash

  4. The Emerging Designer Retail Guide and Store List

  5. Bespokify Aims to Solve Your Sampling, Fit and Production Challenges

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