24 Days of Emerging Designers: Audra


[vimeo id="76045077" width="620" height="360"] Audra Noyes began her namesake label Audra after spending time in the industry working at Galliano and Lanvin. Working at both houses, she was able to learn from the skilled and experienced artisans while also exploring her own creative process. The tipping point was when she was walking home from work and saw a dress that she helped design and felt that it was now her time.

In its first season, the brand fuses French craftsmanship with American sportswear. Audra describes the label as romantic, playful and strong. She says, "each garment is designed with an element of play, an opportunity for the consumer to make it adapt to their lifestyle and personality." Her focus is on the details, special cuts and the quality of fabrics. You'll see a combination of structure and transparency on silhouettes through cotton and silk gazaar, organza and tulle.

The spring collection is about growth which she tells through the story of a caterpillar, cocoon and the unveiling of a butterfly with sheer garments like a corset, skirts and feminine blouses. Clean white shirt dresses in a variety of lengths keep it fresh while her tulle looks show an even more feminine approach. To show her attention to detail it ends with four butterfly looks which represent the journey of her woman through hand-sewn and embroidered pieces, semi precious stones and bright color.

Learn more at Audra. 

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