24 Days of Emerging Designers: Layla L'obatti for Between the Sheets

The Emerging Designer Layla-L'obatti-for-Between-the-Sheets US DesignersLayla L'obatti's namesake label knows how to transform a woman into a romantic temptress from the inside out. She becomes confident of her own self and is not afraid to show it. It may be from the way the chiffon and silk charemeuse feels on the body.  Or, the intricately crafted lace that is designed to lay perfectly in all the right places.

Her Arabeseque collection is what she calls “sensually seductive” and is inspired by the golden era of film and the shifting of modern women’s desires. Her sheer robe, tap pant and bralette are modern romantic silhouettes that come in flattering colors like red, ivory, fig and peach that cater to a variety of body tones and serve as an under layer of empowerment that's certainly meant to be seen.

Learn more about this made in New York label at Layla L'obatti and connect with them on Twitter.