24 Days of Emerging Designers: Sunghee Bang


Sunghee Bang 003 Sunghee Bang is all about knits. Serious knits that marry intricate textiles, playful, colorful quirky knits that are fun, and those lend itself to a must-have accessories like popular her beanies and scarves. With two namesake lines to separate the personality and customer profile for this New York-based designer, Sunghee Bang and the recently launched S Bang both show her penchant for surface design that she's been honing since graduating from FIT.

Sunghee describes the brand as sophisticated with meticulous craftsmanship, using simple, clean yarns to enhance the stitch and highlight the character of the material. She explains, "cashmere itself drapes beautifully because it's so soft. When I use it, I visualize how it drapes concentrate on silhouettes. Wool has a little bit of stiffness with soft character, so it works well when I build the structure with intricate stitches." Each piece is developed with hand knit techniques and incorporate a wide range of material and construction for a range of diversity in her dresses, chunky sweaters and draw-dropping conceptual pieces.

Sunghee Bang 004

Sunghee Bang Knitwear

Sunghee Bang Knitwear

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