3 Branding Must-Haves for Every Fashion Designer


Branding Fashion Designers As an emerging fashion designer your product comes first. It's always about a good, quality product. However, if you want people to get to your product, you have to find ways to break through the clutter and standout while also making yourself accessible. This is why branding is so important. While you're building your business, understand that both the big and small things matter, so to start off, here are three branding must-haves that every fashion designer needs.

1. A professional headshot

A good headshot is important  because, let's face it, we all judge a book by its cover. With the sheer amount of competition in the marketplace, consumers want to put a face behind a name and have a connection with you. For a fashion designer, it can also help sell in the type of image and aesthetic you are trying to build. Finally, it can help distinguish your product from a fake or fast fashion label because that photo brings humanity to the brand.

Your headshot needs to go on your website because it's a part of your brand story. You also need it for press opportunities as most outlets will ask for it if they are doing a feature on you or a profile. You may even get an opportunity to be a speaker and that headshot could be used in marketing materials such as a program or event page. That's why you must be prepared with one because ultimately, your face is a part of your brand.

2. A current website

Why do you need a good website? First, consumers need to see your products, learn more about you and your brand. Through search engines, social e-commerce platforms and other discovery sites, now more than ever, you have the opportunity to be found, especially if you put effort into your marketing plan, That's why having your own website as opposed to just relying on a Facebook page is critical, because you need one destination that holds the authority on your brand.

Then, there's the fact that your consumer is online and having an up-t0-date website also shows your relevant and professional. With sites like Pinterest, Fab.com, and brands that also focus on design and visuals, the consumer's eye has gotten savvy and they expect a good-looking site.

You also have to look at how people consume media. It's now on their phones and tablets in addition to computers, so having a site that can be read on multiple platforms and browsers is important.

3. A comprehensive signature

Your email signature is one other way people can connect with you and learn about your brand. That's why it needs to be comprehensive and must include your title, website, phone number and your top social media sites so people can easily know more about your business. By not having this information in your signature, you are making people search for it, which is more time on their part and if you are not indexed indexed well in Google or Bing, you run the risk that they could easily be distracted with something else.

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