3 Easy Ways to Be More Productive


One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is managing your schedule. Finding the time to do things when you have to do everything can be quite tricky. However, if you take a step back and work on forming good habits, you may see that you can get more tasks accomplished and prioritize better. Here are three easy ways to boost your productivity:

Reconsider meetings

Meetings can be great way to network, but they can also be a time drain. In person-meetings usually require travel time, not going over what's been scheduled and returning back to your office or home. At minimum, it can be two hours out of your day which is actually a lot of time.

If you are considering a meeting, be sure to ask yourself how the meeting will benefit you in the short-term and what could you be doing instead.

When you do have an important meeting, consider creating an agenda so you get the most out of it and if someone is requesting a meeting from you, don't be afraid to ask for one.

Allocate a day for a task

With all of the parts of your business that you need to tend to, it's important to know when you will work on everything. To make sure that these areas don't get overlooked, pick a day for sales, marketing and general business operations and add it to your calendar. By doing this, you will build consistency into your week.

Use a timer

Starting a task can sometimes be the hardest part. Procrastination sets in, distractions arise and often times, the least appealing task rises to the forefront.  To keep you focused, try using a timer to get things done. This will also help you move to the next project and keep your mind fresh!

In the end, time is something we all want more of, but the reality is, finding ways to optimize your schedule may be the best way to win.

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