3 Resources to Help You Better Manage Instagram


Raise your hand if you have a love-hate relationship with Instagram? Ahh yes. At times, it's a pain, but can be a joy and when the likes are good and it generates a lead. The not so fun part is the time and strain it may have on your business. As an entrepreneur, you know you have to do it, but don't really have the time to commit to it. Thankfully, third party resources have come along way and let you do everything from plan, schedule and purchase. 

Here are three resources to consider to make your Instagram feed look good and hopefully make life a bit easier: 


Planoly was developed when jewelry designer Brandy Pham gave birth and didn't have time to juggle planning, editing and managing Instagram content using multiple applications. This app was created with creatives in mind and has a simple, clean interface.

Features include:  

  • Visually plan posts with their drag and drop feature
  • Schedule posts by writing captions in advance (they'll notify you when to publish)
  • Get data on your top posts in a given period of time
  • A downloadable print calendar so you don't miss out on trending days
  • Ability to create a shoppable feed

Planoly Instagram App

Learn more at Planoly.


True to their name, Preview allows you to see your post feed before you commit and allows you to create multiple grids to test different styles. 

Features include: 

  • Visually plan your posts with their drag and drop interface
  • Test out different feed styles with multiple grids
  • Schedule posts
  • Spy on other brands with their premium feature
  • Research hashtags and easily repost 

Preview Instagram App

Learn more at Preview. 


Later was brought to life at a Hackathon in 2014 and has quickly grown into a robust tool for individual Instagram users and companies. In addition to their features, they have a Facebook group, workshops and continually education their users about latest  Instagram updates. 

Features include: 

  • Plan, schedule and publish your content
  • Store and organize photos in your media library
  • Use their desktop program to search and interact with brands easily
  • Use their linkin.bio to build a clickable Instagram feed 


Learn more at Later. 

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