3 Smart Brands Creating Strong Lifestyle Content


As an emerging designer trying to market your brand, one of the most important things you can do is create authentic content. It's your opportunity to establish your brand's voice and one way to gain exposure. Plus, if you are selling direct to customer online, content becomes really important because when your website has more pages that are updated with quality stories, you are more attractive to search engines.


Tapping into Lifestyle

When you generate content, communicating your product and brand are obviously important, but so is engaging your audience. One way to do this is through lifestyle content because consumers don't want the hard sell all of the time. Depending on your business, you'll have to find a healthy mix of visual, video and written content too.

The following brands not only have good products, but are engaging their readers with lifestyle content. Plus, they are communicating their voice, empowering others and staying relevant; all important to brand building.


Pressed Juicery

The Chalkboard Pressed Juicery

If you're in NYC, LA or close to an Equinox, you can experience Pressed Juicery for a dose of green, citrus or root-based juices. In addition to the health benefits, their prices are lower than typical juice establishments.

In order to stay relevant, they created The Chalkboard, a digital magazine that covers everything from the product, food, lifestyle and well-being.


If you're in need of a new mattress, Casper should be on your list. Their one and only style - one perfect mattress has been tested with market research  and was made for comfort, support, temperature and durability. Plus, they have a 100 night trial with free returns if you're not happy.

Their blog,  Pillow Talk  will not only keep you in the know on all things sleep related, their content covers brand, entertainment and food categories with stories like how to drink coffee for maximum comfort or all the key places to go for waffles!


Casper Matress


The Sill

Located in New York's Lower East Side, The Sill has made plants cool while also tempering your fear of caring for them. Succulents, snake plants, the fiddle leaf fig and so many others can be wrapped up in modern planters and delivered locally or shipped nationwide.

They use the Plant Hunter to share tips, educate, decorate and interview artist, designers and local shops.



The Sil


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