3 Types of Time You Need in Your Business

Time. It's a valuable, sacred resource that you probably want more of in your life. The challenge for most entrepreneurs is how to get it and use it wisely. One way to do this is think about time differently. More specifically, understand that there are different types of time that are all important for the growth of your business.

Here are 3 types of time to incorporate into your schedule:

1. Priority Time

There's time that you should allocate to priorities. Whether that's designing, selling, marketing or shopping the market. When you commit to what's important to your business, you can stay focused and be efficient.

Now, to actually make time a priority, determine when you work best. It may be that nights are best or late afternoons. Once you understand when you're most productive, put it on your calendar and stick to it. This will create a habit and keep your time sacred.

2. Time Hacks

Hacks, or tricks allow you to optimize your day whether that's saving you time or keeping you focused. This could be using a timer to help you execute or putting your phone in airplane mode.

There's also online and offline services like Uber Rush, Task Rabbit, Fiverr and Canva to make anything from transportation, graphic design and errands easier by saving you time.

3. Personal Time

Personal time is extremely invaluable and unfortunately, this is the one type of time that most people don't carve out but should. Personal time allows you to reflect and refresh. It’s also something you need daily and can be as simple as a short work, meditation or journaling.

When you're thinking about your schedule on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis, be sure to factor in these areas of time to help you win.

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