3 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Content


If you're an emerging designer with a fashion business, it's important to consistently market your products throughout the year. This is why creating quality content needs to be a priority whether it's written or visual. Good content takes time to create and even more of a reason why you should make sure you are maximizing its reach by using it in a variety of ways.

Here are three ways to maximize your content:

Use More Than One Channel

For fashion brands, it seems like Instagram is the platform of choice. And, while that may be true, there's also Facebook, newsletters and your website. It's up to you to strategize where and when you want to place the content, but letting your work live on several channels will help stretch your message.

Schedule the Same Content Throughout the Year

Make sure you are using that same piece of content throughout the year. It can be in the same week, but on different outlets or scheduled 1, 3 or 6 months out on tools like Hootsuite. If you feel that you are using the same creative too much, just know that now everyone will see that content the first time around, so a little repetition won't dull your audience. Although, it's easy to look at someone's Instagram feed from even a year ago, so fresh content is vital!

If you have content that is evergreen, or timeless, you can use it indefinitely. Promoting items like a signature or bestseller is one way to do this. If you are marketing a product that lasts a season, it's still a long time to have that message run multiple times.

Drive Your Content to Another Location

It's always important to drive your consumer to another location. This is often referred to as a call-to-action. Check out, visit, learn more or even shop are ways to get your audience to do something. Wherever you place your content, direct them to another brand touchpoint which will most likely be your website as that is where a user can shop or learn more.

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