4 Easy Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Post


Facebook Post Tips When you create content on Facebook, you first and foremost want to develop succinct, quality messaging that will resonate with your target. You also want to make sure it's optimized for the most amount of engagement. To do this, considering using these four tips when you create a post.

1. Page Insights: Learn when your fans are online through Facebook's Insight feature which can be found at the top of your Page's Admin section. You'll learn the best days and times to schedule content when you click on the Post button. Also make sure you explore all data available to you as you will probably uncover key learnings about your business.

2. Scheduling feature: After you've found out when your fans are online, go to the admin panel and create your message inside of the post box. When you're ready, click the clock located to the left of the location and camera icons and schedule your post to save time. This feature allows you to schedule multiple pieces of content by date and time zone and also allows you to make changes when you click on your activity log.  

3. Create a stronger headline: If you post an article from another source, you can change the title to create a stronger message along with the body copy.

Change the title in a Facebook Post

4.  Edit post: After you've posted to Facebook, you can make changes by clicking on the photo or going into the album and clicking on the edit link. If you've schedule a post and want to make changes before it goes live, click your activity log for edits.

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