4 Things to Do Before Reaching Out to Press


When you're reaching out to press, whether that's editors or bloggers, be sure to put yourself in their shoes. Understand that they have a certain target market and need to appeal to those readers. They are also busy and managing content, deadlines and a lot of emails. This is why it's extremely important to make your communication and the materials that you give them easy to access and clear. Before you begin to pitch your business, make sure you are prepared with the following:

What Do You Want Them to Do?

Know what you want from them and be explicit about asking that. Is it to get coverage, an invitation or requesting them to visit your showroom. Whatever your needs are, you'll want to make sure that they understand that and they walk away knowing that it's for their outlet versus a generic outreach.

You've Include Your Look Book and Line Sheet

Be sure to send your look book and line sheet. Often times, it's easy to send just your look book, because that's where the visuals live, but the specifics of your product are also extremely important such as fabrication, prices, colorways and construction details. Plus, if the outlet you are pitching features stories that includes pricing, they'll need to see a line sheet.

Put Your Selling and Marketing Materials on a Cloud Server
The best way to manage your selling and marketing materials is to put them on a platform like Dropbox or We Transfer. Your files can be password protected, live for a certain period of time and can be easily downloaded. In addition to your look book, line sheet and images, items like your press release, logos, bio are all good to have online. .
Provide Access to Images Right Away

Instead of sending just a look book and line sheet and letting them know that images can be sent, provide access to them in it one email through links. You may want to create a folder for both high and low resolution images depending on what your contact needs.

In the end, remember that you want to make life easier for an editor or blogger and being prepared with what they need can help you get one step closer to press.

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