4 Tradeshows Tips From UBM Swim Lessons New York Panel

Thinking about doing a tradeshow or even need some tips for next market? 
Swim Lessons, a one-day event held at Parsons in New York featuring industry leaders developed by UBM, the umbrella brand for shows such as Coterie, Project, Pool and Accessories the Show kicked off the day with a conversation on trade shows.
Jeremy Kirkland, founder of Blamo moderated the panel while Tommy Fazio, Fashion Director & Brand Manager at UBM Fashion and Danielle Licato, Fashion Director & VP, Coterie gave their expert advice that we culled down into four key areas: 
1. Focus on Your Product and Brand 
Whether you do a tradeshow or not, good product always wins and that's why it needs to be your focus. You should be able to tell your product story in a succinct and confident way. 
Keep in mind that buyers and press are experts when looking at collections and can quickly tell what they like and need for their store. To help sell in your collection, you have to put on your buyer hat. This means having a clean and inviting booth where your product can shine. And, no cell phones please.  
2. Communicate With Your Account Executive 
Once you book a show, be sure to communicate with your account executive. You should tell them your goals, who you hang with and retailers you want to see. Also, be sure to provide them with content such as photos, marketing materials and other details so they can help sell in your brand because they have a team that is constantly in touch with retailers.   This information will also give them a better understanding on where you should be placed on the show floor because most trade shows have dedicated sections within the show that may be better suited to your needs.    One other tips is to check in from time to time with your account representative because there may be added value opportunities to showcase your brand which may include on their marketing materials, social accounts and on-site 
3. Be Proactive With Your Retailer Search 
Just because you are exhibiting at a show doesn't mean stores are going to stop and see you. More often than not, retailers have their list of brands that they want to visit and everyone else comes second. 
With that said, it's your opportunity to do the work and be proactive with your search. First, understand what retailers you want to see and why. Then, research stores, get titles and know their faces to make your interaction personal. From here, develop a plan for outreach and be sure to communicate this list to your account executive to help them make introductions as they see fit. 
4. Follow Up With Leads 
It's so important to follow-up with people that you meet at a show. First, be sure to get their business card and any other intelligence like what department they are in, title and duties if you can. 
When you follow-up, be cognizant that people are busy and short, sweet and authentic communication is best. Be sure to make it personal (e.g. we met at Coterie and you like this sweater, see attached). 
Finally, remember that being persistent and consistent often wins. 

Learn more at SWIMLESSONS and UBM.

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