4 Ways to Maximize Your Travels


Proenza Schouler Exhibition at Le Bon Marche

As an entrepreneur, traveling probably consists of both business and pleasure.  And, while that always on and always connected feeling may be overwhelming, getting to know another market can have its benefits. The key is to carve out time accordingly so you can make the most of being in a different city while also enjoying yourself.

Here are four ways to maximize your travels:

1. Schedule Meetings

Try to schedule as many meetings as time allots. Whether its an established connection or someone that you know just through email, face time is valuable in business. Through social media, chances are that you have contacts all over the world. Many of these relationships could be from Twitter, Facebook or an Instagram conversation and nowadays it's normal to try to make a connection in person. Getting time with factories and vendors that are or could become a brand partner is also very important because you'll want to get to know who is helping to create your product.

2. Shop The Market

Shopping the market is vital to understanding your target, trends, pricing and how retailers merchandise their stores. This type of retail intelligence will help strengthen your business as you develop your marketing and sales strategies. One easy way to do this is to create a list of stores through Google Maps and plot your tripPlus, you may discover more about that market including good places to eat!

3. Attend a Meetup or Networking Event

Meetup, Eventbrite and Time Out cover happenings around the world so it's easy to find networking events and seminars. These platforms allow you to drill down by zip code, area of interest and date. With a bit of searching, you'll realize that there's usually something going on and taking a chance on getting to know others, may just benefit your business.

4. Check out Local Exhibitions and Museums 

One way to get inspired is by diving into the inner workings of the local culture. This includes the artist, museum and gallery scene. A quick search online will put you at the heart of these events and hopefully open up your world to more creative adventures.

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