5 Tips on How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

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It goes without saying that your brand needs a Facebook page. For those starting out, a page may me a main source of traffic versus a website. Plus, with the sheer amount of users on the social networking site combined with targeted advertising opportunities, and the company's latest announcement of their Graph Search tool, there are multiple ways fans can be connected, find and engage with your brand.  If you are active on Facebook, it may also be a top referral site for your website, which is even more reason to pay attention to your Facebook strategy.

To make sure that you are are getting the most out of your brand's page, here are 5 ways to maximize your brand's presence on Facebook:

1. Write a succinct about section: This section should include a link to your website, phone number, address and key words that describe your business. State Bike Company is an example of a successful business page that has done this well.

2. Format photos to Facebook standards: Facebook loves photos and the key to making sure pictures don't get cut off and are seen properly in a news feed is knowing the correct dimensions. Here are a few to specs to use as you are formatting your page and posts:
  • Cover photo: 851 X 315 px
  • App images: 111 x 74
  • Small posts: 404 x 403
  • Highlighted posts: 843 x 403

Photos can be resized with Photoshop or even online editors such as Pic Resize.

3. Select apps that will connect to other platforms
Facebooks allows users to add up to 12 apps the their page. A few apps to consider are Mailchimp, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. You can arrange the order to your liking and also customize the image. Having apps on your page will allow your fans to see you at multiple touch points and ultimately allow them to go on your brand journey with you.

4.  Post news and engaging content. 

Facebook's marketing section say that brands that have posts between 100 to 250 characters receive about 60% more likes and shares. Posts that are visual have a higher level of engagement so posting pictures versus links is important. Your original content will be key and delivering it so it in a way that engages fans will most likely increase your likes. You can do this by asking a question or even by having them fill in the blank.

5. Make your page SEO friendly. 

Search engine optimization is important to keep in my on Facebook and can be done easily.

  • The first 18 words of your post are considered SEO for your page so make sure key words are included
  • Include links to your website and other pages in your about and description sections
  • Search engines also take into account your brand name and vanity url so try to be succinct and make sure your fan page is either an the name of your brand or something close to it if the name is taken

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