5 Ways to Strengthen Your Social Media Real Estate



Bergdorf Goodman Instagram


One easy way to optimize your social media channels is clearly tell the story of your brand and also provide people with all the pertinent information they need to contact you and learn more. Since discovery reigns supreme and people usually come across your brand in several different ways such as search, Pinterest, Instagram, a hashtag or a tweet, making sure your real estate is complete is extremely important.

Here are few considerations for your social platforms:

1. Create a succinct definition of your business

This allows people to truly understand your business and why the words that you choose to describe it is no small task. Whether you are using your personal name for your brand or not, you'll want to use adjectives that pertain to the business versus personal ones such as friend, dreamer or ones that describe your hobbies (e.g. food connoisseur) because it will help provide clarity to others. Plus, it's easy branding.

2. Add your location

Your location helps define your business. Whether that's someone interested in your business locally or even to add credibility like being from New York or London, it provides context. And, since you never know what the opportunity may be, it's good to give people a comprehensive summary of your story.

3. List your website

Building a brand on social media involves taking others on a journey of your business. That's why, listing your website is important because you'll want people to connect on multiple channels and your website should serve as your home base.

4. Provide your contact information

If people like your product they'll most likely head to your website or simply contact you. Since you never know what the opportunity will be, (press, sales, sponsorships, etc...) make it easier for them by listing your business email address.

For example, in many of their Instagram posts, Bergdorf Goodman adds the location of the photo and includes the department's phone number so people can contact sales associates.

5. Link that drives to a page

If you're trying to drive traffic to a specific page or a product, be sure to include a link. For example, Instagram allows you to add a link in your profile, but many brands create a stronger call to action by replacing their website link with a specific product in hopes to direct them to it.

As you evaluate your about sections and social real estate, be sure you consider these opportunities to make people not only understand who you are, but also have access to your business and products.

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