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 Social Media Week

 Emerging-Designer-USA-Flag2In its fifth year, Social Media Week has evolved into a worldwide semi-annual event that explores social, cultural and the economic impact of social media. Through open conversations, collaborations and knowledge share, it has grown to include over 100k members in 26 cities around world.

Starting February 19, Social Media Week will be held in 10 cities including New York. With core hub locations and offsite venues, there are a number of free and paid sessions to attend and ways to get involved.

Here are 5 fashion and entrepreneurial Social Media Week events:

1. So You Think You Can Start Up? 

In this session, fashion start-ups present their best “elevator pitch” and demonstration.

Each team has five minutes to impress our esteemed panel of judges and the audience with the details of their project and why they deserve to win the ultimate prize: Editorial coverage on ELLE.com.

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 2. New York Women in Communications: New Digital Trends for 2013

This panel will offer insights on digital trends in the world of media, technology, fashion, food and more. How has technology changed the landscape within some of New York City’s largest industries? What must digital communicators do to actively stay on top of these changes? How will these industries adopt digital trends in 2013?

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3. Sustainable. Stylish. Social - The Social Media Blueprint for the Eco-Fashion Entrepreneur 

The growing demand for sustainable fashion and beauty is quickly changing the way people view eco-friendly products. According to the Organic Monitor, sales of organic and natural products will reach $14 billion by 2015. Though 70 percent of Americans seek sustainably made products, successful eco-companies are struggling to find the right audience and deliver the proper message in order to create an impact that sticks.

This discussion and networking event will provide insight as to how green fashion and beauty entrepreneurs and startups can market their businesses using social media strategies to establish an authentic online voice that connect with eco-conscious consumers.

Featuring an expert panel of social media influencers in the green beauty and fashion industries, we will discuss best practices for participating in the “green” conversation online. Topics to be covered will include:

  • How to develop strategic partnerships with eco-influencers for lasting brand growth
  • Creating content that sticks and motivates consumers to not only support your business, but the eco-movement as a whole
  • Serving as an informative resource in the sustainable style industry and not just a product pusher
  • Creating a following that allows you to listen in on the conversation, gather feedback and understand the needs of your community

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4. Democratization of Fashion: Are Consumers Haute or Not? 

Hosted by Blogads, this panel will discuss the rise and future of user generated content With the rise of sharing platforms like Pinterest and Polyvore, consumers are no longer just following trends, they’re influencing them. Not only has the internet provided people with the power to create and share inspiration boards, but platforms like Kickstarter and Etsy have empowered them to drum up support to actually make their design ambitions a reality.

Design and craft bloggers are imperative to curate the chaos caused by this industry revolution and new source of information overload, and they dictate the design trends of tomorrow. As bloggers expose consumers to the best new design tools, tips, and available funding sources, they empower consumers to create their own goods, while simultaneously helping those consumers rise to fame by promoting the next big (consumer created!) thing.

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5. Fashion + Social Media; How Brands Are Driving Sales 

Hosted by Third Wave Fashion, at this panel participants will learn how to use analytics intelligently, which platforms brands prefer, what emerging platforms to keep an eye on, and tips and tricks to increase engagement and drive sales.

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6. Beyond the "Like" for Lifestyle Brands

Many lifestyle and luxury brands understand the importance of building a fan base, they often lack an engagement strategy that drives ongoing value from their loyal fans. So, whilst many well-known brands have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers on social networks, they suffer from a symptom known as “Deadbook”. This means that the vast majority of their fans, who may have liked their brand in the past, no longer see any of their posts, branded content or apps. Unfortunately, the relentless quest for “likes” that has been at the heart of many social strategies often results in a worthless social database.

Today, CMOs are now looking for tangible proof that measurable commerce and brand value can be driven from social marketing activities. Yes, the time has come to prove that social media is now a critical function within a modern marketing organization. During this event, you will learn how famous lifestyle brands from fashion, TV, music and publishing are achieving social marketing success by engaging and activating their community of followers to achieve core marketing objectives.

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