6 Takeaways From StyleCaster's State of Style Summit

StyleCaster, the social media group that brings style to the people hosted their second State of Style Summit at the 92Y last week. Industry names such as Joe Zee, Aliza Licht, (DKNY PR Girl), Uri Minkoff and a list of talented editors, bloggers and seasoned experts engaged in conversations on brand strategy, social media and commerce peppered in with fresh beats by DJ Mick Boogie and bits of entrepreneurial savviness from CEO and Founder Ari Goldberg throughout the day.

Here are 6 takeaways from the summit that brands can use to build their fashion business.

1. Twitter- Joe Zee opened the summit and preached the good word of Twitter. Not only does it help him find people and vise versa, it's a way to build a community and engage in conversations online that can lead to offline relationships. If you're not already following this emerging designer advocate, then you can now.  

2. Digital Branding and Content Creation - The key to building your brand online is to have a distinct voice because people are attracted to that (e.g. Man Repeller). To create that voice, engage with your audience through storytelling that's authentic and personal to your brand. And, of course, throw in some humor because in fashion, you are allowed to be fun. However, regardless of the type of content you are creating, be consistent in that tone and imagery while providing your point-of-view.

3. Brand Ambassadors - For a brand to thrive, there has to be a two-way conversation. Brand ambassadors are now in control and one way to connect with them is to empower them. For example, Brandon Holley, Editor-inChief of Lucky magazine told the audience how they allow readers to post photos of themselves on their community page which allows these ambassadors to connect with the brand and shines the light on them.

4. Relevancy - Olympic gold medalist Swin Cash  talked about fashion, discipline and mentioned that life is about evolving and embracing change. Her advice was to be up on current events to stay relevant in order to grow. And, for designers, there's a void in the marketplace for women with large feet to get access to shoes in their size (hint).

5. Education - The wise and always inspiring Uri Minkoff talked about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. First, he mentioned that if your heart is there, then persistence will pay off in the end. Second, don't ever stop studying and learning because then you don't evolve. He said that he studies 1-2 hours a day because the more you do it, the brighter you get.

6. Event Logistics - Organization and personality were the two takeaways of how the summit was run. On the agenda, the Twitter handle of each speaker was placed by their name to help make real-time connections and the #StateofStyle hashtag was trending in just a few hours. Finally, the summit was an event with personality. From Ari, Seth and the rest of the StyleCaster team engaging with the crowd to yoga, food, words from Rabbi Mendel Jacobson and swag, it was a day of good energy and a feeling that is proprietary to StyleCaster.

Learn more about the community at StyleCaster. 

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