6 Ways to Have A More Productive Week

Productivity and Entrepreneurship

Most design entrepreneurs can attest that building a business isn’t just about the creativity, but managing every aspect of the business. Having enough time to do everything becomes such a big challenge. Sometimes it requires taking a step back to move forward and putting systems in place.  Once you are able to consistently work off of a system, you’ll see that work can become a bit easier. With that said, here are few ways that you can make your work week more productive: 

1. Plan The Week in Advance

When Monday hits, you'll want to know what you need to tackle that day and for the rest of the week in advance. Anxiety and confusion can come from the realization that you don’t know what to do first. When you plan, you can help mitigate those feelings.

To get a head start, try looking at your calendar the week before to plot out the next week.  Thursday and Friday are great days to do this because the week is coming to an end and you probably have a good grasp on your to-dos.

2. Strategically Schedule Meetings

A meeting can throw your schedule off if it’s not planned properly. There are so many factors to consider when scheduling a meeting such as travel time, food and drink costs, proximity to your office, duration, and the content that needs to be discussed. 

In terms of planning, pick times that will still allow you to get work in. This could be early in the morning before your day starts or even at the end of day so you get a full day of work in.  Also consider whether a meeting needs to be in person or it can be over the phone or through a meeting platform like Zoom.

Meetings can also get expensive so perhaps suggest a cup of tea rather than breakfast or lunch in order to save money too. 

3. Add-In Breaks 

The key to being productive is allowing yourself time to take breaks. Throughout your day, make time to eat, meditate, exercise, stretch or be creative! 

4. Live By Your Calendar 

Accountability is an important part of entrepreneurship and one way to have it in your life is to live by a calendar. It will keep you focused, remind you of what needs to be accomplished and clearly map out your schedule. 

Don’t just do it for yourself either. If you have a meeting with someone, but sure to send a calendar invite because it makes others know that you are serious about your time.  

Finally, stick to it! Sometimes a friend sends a text, the phone rings, or someone asks you for coffee. Or, the biggest distraction: Instagram! Know that it’s okay to say no in order to stay focused and stay on schedule. 

5. Commit to Consistency 

There’s something to be said about building a habit. Learning how to work is extremely important and creating consistent patterns in your day and week will train you to work efficiently. 

6. Find Your Ideal Space 

Whether you are working from home, a studio, cafe or office space, make sure it’s an ideal working environment free of distractions and a place that you can access regularly and seamlessly which means you won’t have to wait for a seat to open up or a chair by a computer outlet. Once you put yourself in the right area to work, you’ll soon realize how productive you can become. 

In the end, all of these things add up and can have a serious impact on your work week, overall productivity and the success of your business!

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