6 Ways to Interact With Your Customers

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Building a relationship with your customer requires work. Good conversation, time, authenticity, quality content and creating channels of accessibility are all a part of the mix. Listening to them is also one of the most important things you can do too. As you start to build these relationships, hopefully you're also creating brand ambassadors to champion your company and keep your products top of my for purchases now, in the near future and also to share with others.

Interacting with them should happen both on and offline through multiple touch points to keep the conversation fresh and also to intercept them where they are.

Here are 6 ways to talk with your customer:

1. Respond to them on social media: One of the easiest ways to interact with your customer is to make an effort to respond to them on social media. When they talk to you, talk back. Say thank you, ask them questions to gain insight and to help influence future work like a new color or style. This type of interaction goes a long way because it empowers your fans and customers while also starting a conversation that can grow over time.

2. Host a Google+ Hangout: The Google portfolio has so many new bells and whistles to help you get intimate with your network. Hangout allows you to host text or video chats with up to 15 people and also share messages and videos. For example, you could host a session on summer styling tips, the launch of your collection or introduce a contest. The content can also be shared after the session so those that weren't a part of it, can still have access to the information. The good thing is that possibilities are endless and it's up to you to get creative.

3. Create clear a customer service section on your website: Have a customer service section that's inviting and shows how easily people can contact you. This could be one or several options such as an email, phone number, or a link to a form such as Wufoo or a pop-up like Olark that allows real time conversations on a site. If you have a blog, consider adding a free conversation monitoring service like Disqus to encourage people to comment.

4. Send them a personal message: Whether that's an email or card in the mail, a message that simply says hello, thanks a customer or introduces yourself personally goes a long way. For example, if you have been engaging with them on Twitter or notice they connect with you on Facebook all of the time, consider following up with them directly to let them know you care.

5. Host a trunk show: If your business is online, you should make it a point to get offline and talk to your customer. A trunk show is a great way to do this because it allows customers to meet you and also experience your products; something that they can't do online. You can host a trunk show by yourself or partner with like-minded brands for synergy to create a great experience.

6. Invite people to a group board on Pinterest: Don’t just make Pinterest a one way visual conversation. With their group board feature, you can encourage people to build a story. It's also great way to see what they curate or generate ideas on a particular topic.

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