6 Ways You Can Get Involved with Fashion Revolution Week


Are you prepared for Fashion Revolution Week?  The annual event, started by Fashion Revolution in response to the 2013 Rana Plaza factory fire is slated for April 23 - 29th, 2018 and encourages brands, retailers and consumers to get involved in an effort to make the fashion industry more transparent, sustainable and ethically sound.   

To be a part of the #whomademyclothes global campaign, here are 5 ways you can get involved:  

1. Show Your Label

One of the easiest ways to get involved is to show your care label.  Let consumers know how your clothes were made!

2. Talk About Your Supply Chain 

Tell others how your products were made and the process from start to finish. This may includes factories, materials used, specially processes and more. 

3. Highlight Your Factories and Artisan Workers 

Fashion Revolution Week

As you know, it takes a village to bring your product to life. Your team is part of your brand story and let Fashion Revolution Week be one of many times when you highlight your factory and/or artisan workers. Not only is this a noble thing to do, it may also provide value to your current and future customers because they will know that real people are part of the process.  

4. Get Involved with the Global Community 

Fashion Revolution Week has made it easy for brands to get involved. They have a dedicated resources  page that contains downloadable marketing materials, educational guides, action kits and ways to share your story. 

5. Attend an Event

With Fashion Revolution Week's global event database, you'll be able to attend, network and learn!  

6. Educate Your Customer 


Denim is a really strong and durable material ? and can last you a long time. It ages beautifully as the indigo dye fades, responding to the way we move and becoming a part of our unique story. Denim is cotton-based, and is sometimes woven with other fibres to add elements denim traditionally lacks, such as elastane to add stretch. ?Jeans are the most popular denim product with 1.24 billion pairs sold annually. ? TOP TIP: If your jeans aren’t dirty, don’t wash them, freeze them! ❄Try popping your denim garments in a bag and put them in the freezer to get rid of germs and freshen them up. ✨ Get to know your materials in the @fash_rev fanzine LOVED CLOTHES LAST ? www.fashionrevolution.org/fanzine2 (link in bio) #fashionrevolution #lovedclotheslast #denim

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Many consumers don't know what's going on in the fashion industry and this is your opportunity to educate them. Whether it's talking about sustainability, consumption, clothing tips or raw materials, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. 

Learn more about Fashion Revolution Week. 

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