8 Creative Ways Emerging Designers Can Use Vine

Tory Burch on Vine Vine. It's the iPhone social media app acquired by Twitter that allows users to create a looped video in six seconds. And, despite what seems like a short period of time, the creative possibilities are endless. For emerging designers, there are several ways to use the app in order to create engaging content easily. Videos made inside the app can also be shared on a blog, Facebook or Twitter through their recently added embed feature so others can view it without going through the app. 

Here are 8 ways to use Vine:

1. Show the Collection - Let Vine complement your look book by using it to showcase your collection. Tory Burch shows her latest swimsuits for summer in a clean and simple way. 

2. Feature Your Colorways - If you have a variety of colors, this may be a great way to show your offerings. Joe Fresh presents their colorful men's khakis with a fun, lighthearted approach.

3. Behind the Scenes - Consumers now want to see the inner workings of your brand and giving them behind the scenes snapshots is a great way to let them inside. Your lookbook shoot is a great way to do this because you can show models getting hair and make up done, a stylist accessorizing or the fun that you are having on set.

4. Demonstration - If your product can be worn multiple ways like New York-based Tilly and William's unisex and multi-wear pieces or requires a few steps like saris from Uurmi Collection, Vine can be a low-cost way to show this. 

5. How to Style It - Chances are that your product can by styled several ways and showing a consumer how may help seal the sale. Kate Spade shows how pieces from their Bold Blooms collection can be worn.

6. How It's Made Does your product involve a lot of details and quality craftsmanship? Show your users the steps that it takes to get there. This will help them understand the process, but also help justify the quality of the product and origin. Oscar de la Renta shows how a pattern is cut inside of their sample room.

7. Document an Event: Whether it's a trunk show, trade show or any type of event that shows your product active and in use, think about using Vine. This past fashion week, right after the app launched, designers like DKNY used Vine to show how they prepared for their show and so did several editors and bloggers.

8. Engagement Technique: As with any platform, it's important to connect with your audience. Rebecca Minkoff, known for empowering her Minkettes uses Vine to ask users what's inside of their bag with a post called What's In Your Bag? and telling them to use the hashtag #MyRm.

As with any piece of marketing material that you produce, be sure that's it's a quality effort that focuses on compelling content, merchandising, music and staging the shot in order to create a good story. When appropriate, consider details like the style name and color so people know exactly what they are looking at. There's also branding opportunities like adding a logo or a custom hashtag combined with a call to action so users can connect on other platforms.

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