Amanda Pearl Tells Us About Her 30 Days of Stripes and Spots Instagram Challenge

Amanda Brotman, designer of Amanda Pearl, the jewelry and handbag label that mixes timeless elegance with a quirky flair recently went through a phase of wearing spots; cheetah and leopard prints to be exact. At the same time, her good friend Laura from Blue Stripe PR was channeling her affinity towards stripes. The two joked about competing to see who could go a full month of wearing stripes and spots and that's when the 30 day challenge was born.

The photos from were posted on Instagram with either a #30daysofspots or #30daysofstripes hashtag to document their creative wardrobe choices. Intrigued by the challenge and the opportunity that Instagram holds for engagement and creative marketing, I asked Amanda to tell us a bit more about the challenge.

What are the benefits of doing a "30" day event? It's a good little sartorial stretch. It makes you reach into the depths of not only your closet, but your skills with styling as well. Trust me, by day 20, you're doing things with leopard print you never thought you would or could (spots, stripes and floral, anyone?)!

Aside from Instagram, what else did you do with these photos? Most of the time the Instagram posts would go to Twitter as well, and then we each made a board on Pinterest, so we could have the whole 30 days worth of images viewable together.  It's really entertaining to see how things develop (or degenerate) as the days go on!

It's interesting because you really didn't weave in or feature your products in these 30 days.  Was that intentional? For sure. This exercise really wasn't done for marketing purposes. It was just as a fun bet between two fashion friends (which of course, when done on a public platform like Instagram/Twitter ends up having some marketing ramifications--intentional or not).  It was totally sincere and genuine to my every day; so if I was wearing a spotted something from Amanda Pearl, great, but it wasn't something to be forced.

Did you get follower and fan engagement? We definitely got both engagement and followers, although that wasn't the intent (and perhaps why we did get such engagement).

Using Instagram as a marketing tool is become popular because it allows a brand to create ownable marketing campaigns that offer a peak inside  a designer's world and fan engagement. We’ve already covered Rebecca Minkoff’s Instagram challenge that happened in conjunction with her first billboard, and Kenton Magazine’s Haute Attack campaign that asked fans to hashtag items that could cause a not-so-literal heart attack when they were struck with visual candy. These types of challenges also allow a brand to use multiple social media platforms (since you can connect most platforms with one another) and create a solid, 360 marketing campaign without breaking the bank.

Check out the entire line at Amanda Pearl and check out #30daysofshoes, her latest challenge on Pinterest.

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