Ann Yee's NYFW Spring Fashion Film by Never Say Die Media


[embed][/embed] Tifini Kamara, co-founder of Never Say Die, a Detroit-based magazine hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the city while highlighting women that are making their mark. We caught up with her to discuss their fashion film featuring Ann Yee and her spring/summer 2015 collection. 

What was the idea behind the video? 

The idea behind the video stems from a larger project in which my magazine Never Say Die, recently published its first issue centered on creative women. It features a handful of interviews each asking how the interviewee defines creativity and what it means to be a woman; the challenges and inspiration. I wanted our audience to know there wasn't just one correct answer because at the end of the day we are whomever we want to be despite stereotypes and politics. 

NSD is co-founded by two women and from the start we worked with our talented female friends so when mapping out our editorial calendar it seemed natural to celebrate the sisters, daughters and mothers. 

How did you connect with Ann? I know she's from Detroit, but is there a story beyond?

Ann and I met years ago in New York. I went to interview her about her recent presentation at Tribeca Grand. After doing some research I found out she was from Michigan so we connected immediately. Since then I've attended most of her presentations and seeing how she's progressed has been amazing. 

Why was her story important to NSD?

Ann's story should serve as inspiration for anyone who wants to follow their dreams. Detroit has so many success stories from inside and outside of the city and she is one of them. 

What's the focus moving forward in terms of content and what you want NSD media to become?

I plan to bring content to NSD that Detroit hasn't seen before we're all about the unique and unreported. In terms of creative direction I'm heavily influenced by the aesthetic of the east coast there is an incredible renaissance of indie publications coming out of NY. I say, why not bring that flavor to Detroit. 

The next issue is focused on craftsmanship, though I am very excited to focus on the "Gender" and "Wanderlust" issues. The gender issue is going to be very experimental while the wanderlust issue will have a fashion element. 

Learn more about Ann Yee and Never Say Die Media.

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