Open Call: Apply to Receive Brooklyn-Made Certification


Made in Brooklyn Certification The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is upping the ante on what Made in Brooklyn means. Their recent certification called Brooklyn-Made was passed to help communicate the authenticity of products crafted in the borough and weed out companies that simply try to leverage the name.

To do this, they've developed a point-based system with different tiers such as bronze, silver and gold certifications based on the amount of activity is done in Brooklyn. General criteria includes:

1. Must be a ;egal business headquartered in Brooklyn that makes one or more physical products

2. Other evaluation criteria will assess the scope of manufacturing activities, numbers of employees located in Brooklyn, location of product assembly, where design and development occurs and other factors.

Those interested in applying should complete an online application which will be reviewed by an independent advisory board of Brooklyn-based manufacturing stakeholders quarterly.  There will be a $50 one-time fee for non-members and $25 fee for member businesses. Certification is subject to annual renewal and valid for one year. 

Learn more and apply to become certified Brooklyn-Made.

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