Asteria Active Wants You Have The Perfect Leggings


Finding the perfect pair of leggings isn't that easy. With a saturated market of atheleisure, sportswear, lifestyle apparel and a breadth of categories now being touted by athletes, celebrities, startups and retailers to lure in gym goers that have opted to wear their clothes into the day, making the right choice can be far too overwhelming. Asteria Active, a New York-based line of activewear wants to change that feeling with their perfect leggings. The label, which launched in 2014 combines functional design with performance fabrics and style was started by Sena Yang who previously founded her namesake ready-to-wear label SENA that specialized in stretch fabrics.


When I started Asteria Active in 2014, I set out with one goal in mind: the perfect legging. By then I was living in workout gear and I wanted to make a cherished unit of clothing even more indispensable. I wanted unparalleled fit and construction. I wanted a legging that would move and recover its shape from warm up to cool down. I wanted to use my years of expertise in pattern making and I wanted to produce ethical clothing in my beloved city of New York.


Asteria Active Perfect Leggings


So what makes Asteria's zig zag leggings the perfect one?

  1. The leggings were designed for the gym and can easily be paired with Converse for a relaxed day.
  2. They chose a premium knit performance technology which doesn't fade and has a matte finish while also having moisture wicking properties.
  3. The brand uses technical fabric which as strong recovery so there's no sagging, making legs look firm wear after wear along with compression qualities to hold you in and make muscles happy.
  4. The inside of the waistband is made of anti-cellulite fabric, making the leggings work for you from the inside and out.
  5. Their mesh inserts flatter the body while also giving legs the right amount of ventilation for intense runs and workouts.
  6. There's a hidden waistband to stash keys, cash and of course, hair ties!
  7. Before the leggings and any of their pieces go to market, they are tested in gyms, runs and classes. Plus, their fanbase of Asterians, will vouch for their perfection.

Asteria Active

Asteria Active Perfect Fitness Leggings





Learn more at Asteria Active and check out their Kickstarter.


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