Bespokify Aims to Solve Your Sampling, Fit and Production Challenges (Partner)

Looking for a better way to manage your sampling and production process? Perhaps a technology to help you get a better fit or even a library of blocks so pattern making is less time consuming and expensive.

This is where Bespokify comes in. The digital software company was created to help brands maximize their efforts, minimize returns and save time and money. The team spent five years understanding the apparel landscape and knows that traditional sampling for emerging designers doesn’t always benefit their needs financially and for those with a direct-to-consumer model that is often challenging to garner sales, large production runs aren’t necessary.


How it Works

Made to work for an emerging designer’s business, their process is easy and streamlined:

  1. Launch products using their pattern library or add your own using their pattern-drafting system

  2. Add measurements whether that's by hand, 3D body scans and combine it with their technology to hone in on fit

  3. When you're ready, select your customer's measurement and product choices. From here, a custom pattern is generated and ready for export

  4. You can instantly plot/cut and download details which can be given to your manufacturer

  5. They also have the option to integrate with Shopify

A Better Fit For Your Market

As you may know, there are a variety of challenges with production at the fit level. Bespokify, aims to decrease your rate of returns and allow you to better cater to your market. For brands working underserved groups like petite or plus individuals or customers around the world that may have different body frames, this is a better solution.

Their block libraries and production-ready assets like tech packs are easy to use too. Plus, they have a network of manufacturers that can help produce your garments.


Based in Singapore with satellite locations in New York and LA, the Bespokify team can be reached at or by visiting their website at Bespokify.

Note. This is a sponsored post.

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