Bury, Age and Unearth: Gn Therapy Denim Line Launches at PROJECT in Vegas


So how does the new denim menswear label Gn Therapy set themselves apart in a category laden with the sames? Eco-aging: their proprietary and undeniably cool process is just part of the answer. The technique begins with a raw selvage body made from organic, recycled cotton and is treated with indigo dye, a friendlier coloring treatment. A full run, (sizes 28-38) all designed with one back pocket is placed in their Gn Therapy eco-aging bed and buried for 3,6,9 or 12 months. To-date, five batches have been buried in different locations across the US: The Mason Dixon, The Valley, Mojave Desert, Dallas and Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, and all tell a different story about American history.

Each pair yields a different look depending on where it was buried, climate conditions and time underground. The outcome is a unique wash that has sprung up everything from intensely distressed looks to subtle markings.

Denim Meets Charity

The capsule also consists of a denim jacket, shirt and tees. However, Gn Therapy hasn’t gone into full production just yet. They’ve focused their efforts on the eco-aging process and philanthropic efforts. A primary reason why they were  were selected as one of six brands at PROJECT Love, a curated platform within the PROJECT trade show for designers that use fashion to help a greater cause.

For their new collaboration with Charity Water, Gn Therapy is auctioning off these straight-from-the-grounds styles with proceeds going to help provide clean drinking water to developing nations. The highest bidders will receive their pair of “gns" in a custom wooden box with a burlap sack, a brush to clean their freshly exhumed pair, a flask with dirt from the location, an original stock certificate of authenticity with the gps coordinates and the story about the wash. Genius right? Looking Ahead

On Earth Day, Gn Therapy will kick of their spring/summer efforts in Dallas. Their new "Finders Keepers" campaign will challenge those in-the-know to seek out jeans that have been buried across the US, giving lucky denim connoisseurs  the opportunity to keep the goods. They will also be celebrating their limited edition watch collaboration with Wood-Shock and preparing for their next oversees dig in France.


Learn more about Gn Therapy and follow them on Twitter at @gntherapy

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