Celebrate Fashion Revolution Day


Fashion Revolution Day on April 24

On April 24, 2013 1,133 people were killed in Dhaka, Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed. To make light of this event and keep an open forum on the challenges and opportunities with the global supply chain, Fashion Revolution Day was created. One year later, the organization asks consumers to answer one simple question: who made your clothes?

For emerging designers, this is an opportunity to tell your customer where your clothes were made and further a conversation with them through transparency and authenticity. It's also a chance to become a part of a global revolution.

How to Get Involved

  • On April 24, wear an item of clothing inside out
  • Take a photo of yourself in it and use the hashtag #insideout on social media
  • Ask the brand who made your clothes?

Learn more at Fashion Revolution Day. 


Photographer: Keiron O'Connor Model: Eveline at Supa Model Management Shirt: Arthur and Henry Pullover: From Somewhere Trousers: People Tree Sunglasses: General eyewear Stylist: Stevie Westgarth Make-up: Jo Frost Hair: Eliot Bsilla

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