Chromat's Meaningful Hashtag That Empowers


These days, it's become all to easy for brands to add a hashtag to a campaign or post. The obvious choice is their brand name and while that's smart, there can be ways to engage the customer and empower them too. Brooklyn-based label Chromat does exactly that. They describe the brand as structural experiments for the human body. Whether that's a swimsuit, cage or activewear, they're constantly pushing boundaries on everything from body image, technology and of course, product. During New York Fashion Week, they collaborated with Intel to debut two wearable tech pieces: a sports bra that responds to changes in the body - think perspiration and body temperature along with a 3-D printed dress that moves based on the body's adrenaline levels as part of their spring 2016 Momentum collection which they said, "empowers the body to be stronger, faster and perform at optimum levels."

The spirit of the brand lives on social media with their Instagram taking the lead at 52,000 fans which consists of a mashup of product, team shots, celebrities and influencers and founder and CEO Becca McCharen sharing what goes on in her world like posing with Anna Wintour as part of her journey as Vogue Fashion Fund finalist.

One of the hashtags they use is #ChromatBABE (s) and their customers do too. Like the name says, their babes are not only beautiful, but represent confidence, power and diversity in body type, ethnicity, gender and age.

Use of it by Chromat helps empower their fans and when used by the customer provides that same feeling of strength. And, it's that form of empowerment that creates value for the brand beyond just the product. Ultimately, the hashtag puts the focus on the customer, begging the question for all brands, what does your hashtag mean?

The Outlined Top never looked more heavenly ? than on #ChromatBABE @sageheinzgarcia! #WeekendingInChromat   A photo posted by CHROMAT (@chromat) on

Learn more about the brand at Chromat.

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