Cloud-Couture: The Intimate Connection Between Fashion and Technology Exhibit


Right in time for New York Fashion Week, the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator will host, "Cloud-Couture: The Intimate Connection Between Fashion and Technology" from February 3rd to February 12th, 2015. The exhibition will reveal how technology has impacted, and now defining the apparel industry. Special tours and events will be offered throughout its duration.

Exhibitors include:

Billie Whitehouse: Wearable Experiments, Francis Bitonti Studio, Forster Rohner, Paxie, Pankaj & Nidhi, Hexoskin, Adidas, DryDye, Adafruit, The Crated, Chromat, NASA, Sensoree

Interactive exhibits include:

3D Body Scanning by Artec Group, LDI, Mini 3D Me, Virtual Draping by CLO3D, experimental design and reactive installations by students from Pratt Institute’s Interior Design and Industrial Design programs.

Event schedule:
Feb 3, 6pm-10pm: Cloud-Couture Opening Night Reception

Screening: The Next Black, a film that fuses fashion and tech is not about the new, it’s about the next and asks questions about mass consumption of fast fashion, the evolution of smart clothing and new technologies as well as innovation within organic and traditional methods of production. Check out the trailer to The Next Black.

Curator’s Panel: How Technology is Reshaping Fashion

  • Moderator: Jasmin Malik Chua, Editor, Ecouterre
  • Panelists:
    • Lovisa Sunnerholm, Producer, The Next Black
    • Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Designer, researcher, author, founding principal of RPF Industrial Design
    • Henry Yoo, Acting Director, Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor at Pratt Institute’s Digital Arts Lab
    • Francis Bitonti, Architect, designer, researcher, founding principal of Francis Bitonti Studio

Feb 3-12, schedule varies: Guided Tours of “Cloud-Couture: The Intimate Connection Between Fashion and Technology”

Feb 8, Noon-6pm: “Cloud Couture” Public Day (bring the kids!)

A family-oriented public exhibition day will be held on February 8, with hands-on projects that incorporate circuits and sensors and opportunities to experience 3D body scanning and printing. Visitors will gain insights into how technology is changing what we wear; how we design; and the synthesis of body, apparel, and the internet. Work by Pratt Institute’s industrial and interior design programs will be featured, including reactive installations that change with touch, futuristic designs for the space traveler, and recent apparel designs for astronauts as commissioned by NASA.

Feb 12, 6pm-9pm: “Cloud-Couture” Closing Reception and Panel: Intimacy and Technology

This panel is an insider’s look at how wearable technology is reshaping our physical relationship to the internet, big data, brands and personal privacy.

  • Moderator: Leah Hunter, Fast Company
  • Panelists:
    • Bre Pettis, Founder, Makerbot
    • Billie Whitehouse, Co-Founder, Wearable Experiments
    • Evan Lazarus, Safe Family Wearables
    • Paul Amitai, Eyebeam

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