Could Fit Be Your Point-of-Difference?

Vanity Sizing and Comparison Chart It's probably safe to say that fit is a huge problem and at the same time an opportunity for fashion brands. Both major retailers and small labels are trying to get it right. An article in Racked shed light on what's going on in the marketplace when they sampled a pair of size eight jeans from 25 well-known retailers.

They found that some retailers were fairly consistent while others were over shooting. Their research revealed, "out of the 25 different retailers we compared, the average measurement for a size eight was 28.9" for the waist and 38.7" around the hips. Surprisingly, J.Crew was one of the retailers that came closest to the average size eight."

If you're a brand that pays particular attention to fit, this is your opportunity to translate that to your customer in order to win them over and convert them into a repeat customer. Whether your brand uses a special method to ensure consistency, has innovative technology or has used learnings to enhance a product, now is the time to share this information to your target by telling your story.

We've already learned how emerging designer label Carrie Parry is doing this by explaining how their shirts should fit and providing customers with a size chart. Carrie also participated in a two-year mentorship program with Alvanon, the fit experts that consisted of research, fit trials and led her to use real women for fittings which has helped her stand out in the marketplace because she has chosen to share her knowledge and findings on her e-commerce site. 

For an emerging designer, it's important to have a point-of-difference both aesthetically and functionally and ultimately finding where they void is makes your business opportunity even bigger.

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