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With time on her hands and a love for embroidered clothes, napkins and table cloths, Janis Munz decided to try the craft herself. Soon, friends started to ask if she would "tattoo" their clothes and that was the organic start to Janis-Embroidery. Her projects now range from collaborations, free-spirit clients that let her simply create or commissioned pieces like a Purple Rain jacket for a die-hard Prince fan. Her Instagram is filled with her work featuring the cute to the cool. Kitschy sayings, animals, flowers and more find their way on denim, shirts underwear and everyone's tried and true kicks.

On the one hand, I love working with complete freedom. When my clients give me their clothes and just tell me "go for it, I trust you.", it's heaven. It doesn't happen that often, but it makes my work so much more enjoyable.

☔️ -- Made sexy by @thisryanegan -- #prince #purplerain

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The God's Shirt

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? l o v e o n t o p ?

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?Dig it, babe?

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