Emerging Designer Spotlight: Diego Rocha


Diego Rocha is on an upswing. After winning the Independent Handbag Designer Awards in the Best Handmade Handbag category and a feature in the September issue of InStyle, his business has seen a spike. Already a well-known Chicago name, this custom handbag designer specializing in exotic skins has a following. It may be due to the sheer quality of his lux leather bags or his persnickety way of constructing every piece with with the utmost attention to detail. It could also be that a trip to his Gold Coast boutique is such an intimate, memorable experience, ladies and sometimes boyfriends and spouses too, become hooked. With up to 100 color options and skins in anaconda, alligator python and ostrich in a variety of perfected silhouettes, it's couture handbag design at its finest.   During a recent visit, we saw a new customer that had been eying his bags from the window for some time, finally come in. She chose the Baby Jane silhouette and wanted it in a soft pink python skin for spring. The combination was perfect, something very head-turning and of the season. However, it wasn't just the selection process that made the experience unique, but the way Diego customized the bag to her lifestyle, making sure he knew how, where and why it will be used. His guidance, along with his charming, energetic personality, left her with a few words, "You're perfect. You know what I want."

 What’s next for Diego Rocha? Upping the ante with sophisticated hardware and subtle branding through his crocodile paw emblem and more exposure from the premier season of Project Accessory.

Learn more about the line at Diego Rocha Emerging designer? Please feel free to contact us at hello@theemergingdesigner.com

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