Emerging Designer Spotlight: Vivienne Kelly


When Kelly Brett began designing her jewelry line, she read a book called "Dare to be Different" which helped to fuel her creativity. She knew that the medium she would choose to work with had to stand out and offer something new to the market. Taking a natural liking to wood, she decided to make it the cornerstone for her line Vivienne Kelly. She tell us, "wood is such a fun medium. It can be carved and takes color really well. It’s also a unique twist on the everyday decorations women put on our wrists and around our necks." Made in Brooklyn, her bracelets and necklaces are hand-cut, sanded and then hand-painted. Using various techniques like splattering, color blocking and graffiti prints, her line gives women a fresh way to accessorize. For spring, her collection is inspired by pop art, which is so appropriate for this season of colorful happenings. With bright options and fresh treatments, her bracelets are necklaces are ready to be mixed and matched or stacked.

While developing the line, Kelly made sure to take into account want the customer wants. Her bracelets come in four sizes to fit all wrists. One of her many learnings as a sizing analyst at Ralph Lauren, her first role at the company is that if you can provide sizes for a woman with larger wrists, your tapping into an unmet need. "The rarity of fit and fashion for the curvier woman exacerbate a unsatisfied demand in the market." She also does custom pieces too. "I love getting phone calls where a customer says "can you make me a bracelet with these five colors, in this pattern. That is what really excites me and keeps me going!"

Check out the entire line at Vivienne Kelly.

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