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Glossary of Fit Terms by Alvanon Who calls the shots on fit?

Alvanon, the apparel fit experts advises retailers and brands on sizing and product efficiencies through research, their range of proprietary tools like custom fit mannequins and master pattern blocks and in-depth training. Their glossary provides emerging designers with the fundamentals of fit.

Download their fit glossary that's also listed below:

Aesthetic Fit: The intended silhouette, shape, proportion and design elements of a garment

Technical Fit: The balance, measurements (size), comfort, and functional aspects of fit

Body Size: Key girth measurements of the chest, waist, high hip and low hip

Body Shape: Overall proportion characteristics of the body calculated by the difference between the chest and waist on the top and the waist to low hip on the bottom

Fit Intent: How a garment is meant to fit in terms of ease over body, end use and comfort

Ease Over Body: The amount of space between the body and the garment (tightness or looseness)

Wearing Preference: How an individual prefers to wear a garment (ease over body, waist placement, etc.)

Grading: Making a garment incrementally bigger and smaller relative to a base size

Numeric Sizing: 2, 4, 6, 8 etc., offers more sizes in the range with smaller grade intervals between sizes for garments that are more “fit specific

Alpha Sizing: S, M, L etc., offers fewer sizes in the range with a bigger grade interval between sizes for garments that are less “fit specific”

Tolerance: An acceptable deviation from a specified value

Fit Form: A physical tool that represents the core body standard in terms of size and shape that is used as the primary means of garment evaluation throughout the supply chain

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