New York Fashion Week Review: Tilly and William

Tilly-and-William-001 Emerging-Designer-USA-Flag2To debut their label Tilly and WilliamJessica Lapidos and Thomas Barranca chose to do a fashion show. Yes, this was a show that not only included the proverbial pomp and circumstance of models walking down the runway, but dancers with sensual leaps and bounds that were not only entertaining, but also showed the design, comfort and wearability of the line.

We saw lush jersey treated in several different ways. And, not just from the free flowing dresses that came in both long and short lengths with a bountiful drape often paired with "armers" as a layering piece.

The versatility is in the concept. New silhouettes: the quadramen, multiforamen, outerforamen and uniforamen showed multi-wear options. You saw a top and a dress that could be reversed. Or, a top that could be worn as a bottom. They even presented pieces that worked as a strapless dress, a one-armed dress and a man's shirt.

Many looks were designed with color blocked panels often in a v-formation in brown, black and white. Case and point: their capes and ponchos that looked effortless and suitable for fall.

Hand-dyed pieces which came in varying silhouettes stood out. From dresses, tops, skirts and more, the various shades of purple, melon and grey added a touch of brightness and enhanced the overall diversity of Tilly and William.

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Learn more about this made in New York label at Tilly and William.

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