Emerging Designer of the Week: By Natalie Frigo


Natalie Frigo Agate and Icicles Necklace Emerging-Designer-USA-Flag2Beautiful design, a bold makeup and harmony through symmetry. That's the mixture for Natalie Frigo's Agate and Icicles necklace that was inspired by Art Deco textiles. Carved in wax, cast in recycled metal and sculpted through ancient practices of metalsmithing, this is one of many thoughtful pieces that are crafted in her lower Manhattan studio. Natalie is keen on running a sustainable business and fostering social good through fair trade practices. "I am very interested in helping the industry develop a sustainable jewelry model. Sustainable jewelry is about doing good - limiting damage to surrounding environments and having a workable plan for cleanup and redevelopment, paying liveable wages and providing healthcare to workers."

Learn more about this made in New York label at by Natalie Frigo and meet her at the Made local NYC pop-up.

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